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Oh nuuuuuu

2011-03-11 15:18:01 by brandon31998

Well, I dun goofed. I broke my right leg. How you might not have asked? I was at a school football game and I was trying to leave and I slipped on something. I fell forward, but my leg didn't. At least this gives me more time to animate...

P.S. Birthday in: 8 Days.

I'm baaaaack...

2011-02-25 16:11:50 by brandon31998

Well, I couldn't stay for too long. I'm animating again! I hope to have a screenshot of my project soon...

*cough* My birthday is March 19... *cough*


2011-01-14 15:33:40 by brandon31998

Alright. Flash CS3 is a bitch. But who cares? I'm not animating. Well, I'm not quitting, but it'll just be like a long break...At least until I feel like it again.

In the mean time...



2010-12-31 18:38:11 by brandon31998

It's been a long year, but I got through it. I'm not only celebrating New Year's, but I'm also celebrating 1 Year on Newgrounds! Don't believe me? Check the date I signed up! I purposely signed up on that day exactly 1 year ago. Happy New Years!

Fuck Yeah!

2010-12-21 15:58:06 by brandon31998

I got Minecraft Beta! I really don't seem to see any major changes from the latest Alpha version...Not sure about new mobs or block types. But I do know that a new feature is that if you mouse over your items, then the name comes up in a little box.

UPDATE: All collab parts are on hold. I need time to work on a solo flash. It's going to be a short, but it'll take some time.

Fuck Yeah!


2010-12-14 14:50:23 by brandon31998

I have now upgraded to Flash CS3! Not that it's going to make me animate better, but I think it's more organized than Flash 8. Other than that, the only difference is that it looks better and it has ActionScript 3.0

My medals are back for some reason...and I'm almost done with TTD's collab part.

...Nothing much more to say...


News Post~

2010-12-08 19:51:40 by brandon31998

Making good progress on TTD's first collab part! I'm probably going to make 2. Assassin's Creed Brotherhood is awesome! It's been keeping pretty busy lately! The storyline is pretty fucked up though.
Speaking of which, WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED TO MAH MEDALS?! Why Tom?! Why!?

P.S. Making a frame-by-frame Christmas flash! It's probably not going to be done in time.


This is for Mikik's collab.

News Post~


2010-11-30 19:28:29 by brandon31998

I'll admit. I've been a lazy son of a bitch. I have to make a frame by frame for school, I'm in a collab, and I have a solo project. I have so much shit to juggle...Well I have a lot of shit to juggle.

In the mean time, I leave you with a GIF of what I'm doing to myself everyday.

Walking Test

Very First Submission?! Woah! Review!

G18 Drawing



2010-11-19 14:58:03 by brandon31998

I've lost track of the time. I'm the kind of guy to update kind of often, so...yeah. As of now I am in Thingthingdude200's collab. At this point I'm not sure about UGSraxam. I've set some stuff up for the first part I'm doing for TTD200. I should have a screenie soon. I'm going to do 2 parts for him, but I don't know how long that's gonna take considering I FINALLY GOT BLACK OPS!!!! So animation has been slowed down... So...that's about it.

TTD200: 0/2 Parts
UGSRaxam: ?/? He's been unactive for a while, so I think the collab might be dead.

Edit 11/23/2010: FLASH IS ACTING LIKE A BITCH!!!!!! But I'm making good progress on TTD200's 1st part. I
shall have a screenie soon...

Edit: Happy Thanksgiving! Good luck burning off the weight by Christmas!


Gettin' some shit done...

2010-11-08 15:01:34 by brandon31998

I've been working on something else for someone. It's gonna be short, but I'm gonna put some effort into it. So until it's done, my collab parts for UGSRaxam are gonna be delayed. Worry not though, I'm almost done with the first part I'm going to give him. In the mean time here's a short test with TTA's Colt and shell sprites.

Test Thingy...

Edit 11/10/10: Couldn't get my hands on a copy of Black Ops...but I'll get it this weekend!